MGP records are proud to present the latest album by The Serafinos WE WILL BE FINE

Album 1

1. Hand On Heart
2. Can't Be Trusting You
3. We Will Be Fine
4. Don't Make It All bout You
5. Still It's Winter
6. Miss Fortune
7. Leave It
8. Two Chicks In Korea
9. Pop Song
10. Ain't Nothin" To It
11. Better The Devil...

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Hayley Williams
Grom Kelly
Rietta Austin
Mark Wraith
Nat Martin
Tom Payne
Pete Roth
Nicolas Meier
Paul Etterlin
Spencer James
Jez Davies

Mihaly Horvath
Joe Evans
Dany Schnyder
Mat Hector
Tim Sanders
Simon Clarke
Paul Spong
David Liddell
Luke Vindice
Seojung Hwang
Marco Meniconi

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  • Hayley Williams
  • Marco Meniconi
  • Mark Wraith
  • Spencer James
  • Kick Horns
  • Joe Evans
  • Rietta Austin
  • Pete Roth
  • Paul Etterlin
  • Mat Hector
  • Jez Davies
  • Nat Martin
  • Grom Kelly
  • Mihaly Horvath
  • Nicolas Meier
  • Dany SchnyderDrums
Hayley Williams1 Marco Meniconi2 Mark Wraith3 Spencer James4 Kick Horns5 Joe Evans6 Rietta Austin7 Pete Roth8 Paul Etterlin9 Mat Hector10 Jez Davies11 Nat Martin12 Grom Kelly13 Mihaly Horvath14 Nicolas Meier15 Dany Schnyder16
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